The Best Shoes to Wear During the Winter Months

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what kind of shoe to wear during the winter months, especially when you live in areas that experience a snowy and icy winter. Of course you want something that will keep your feet warm and that will have a good grip to prevent falls on wet or icy ground, but at the same time you want something that will look good. That being said, winters are not the same everywhere you go and there are many different occasions where you might need a different type of shoe. If you have recently moved and you’re not sure what kind of shoe is appropriate for the winter months in that city, read on for more information.

Shoes For Rainy, Wet Winters

Cool, rainy and wet winters are considered mild winters, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you can continue to wear delicate dress shoes or street shoes with thin soles. If you live on the West Coast in cities such as Seattle or Portland, or even if you live on the East Coast in a city that gets a lot of rain like New York, you will want waterproof shoes. It is common to see individuals wearing rain boots on the street; they are tall enough to keep your legs dry from splashes as you walk, and they are completely waterproof. It is possible to buy them with a warm lining, or to wear a few pairs of socks in order to keep the feet warm as well as dry.

Shoes with thick rubber soles are also ideal if you don’t want to wear rain boots on the street. In cities that face these wet winters, it is not unheard of to pack “inside” shoes to wear during a day at the office.

Shoes for Mild Winters

Even cities that have mild winters and rarely get below freezing do require proper shoes. In these cities, it is common for people to wear their regular boots or shoes. However, be cautious of how much grip these shoes have. Even if these cities do not get very cold in the winter, frost and ice could cause hazardous falls if your footwear doesn’t have proper grip. Avoid wearing shoes such as high-heels even in mild winters, as frost could increase your chance of falling or getting an injury like a sprain.

Shoes for Extreme, Snowy Winters

Extreme winters get well below freezing and get lots of snow. Clearly individuals who live in cities that face these winters, such as cities in Utah, Colorado and Minnesota, need specific shoes. The best kind of shoe to wear for harsh winters are ones that have very thick soles, extremely good grip, and are warmly lined. These shoes are often tall, as they are designed to keep out snow and slush. A popular brand of winter boot that is worn in cities facing harsh winters are Sorels, as they provide good grip on icy pavement and are very warmly lined.

Whatever kind of winter you are facing, there are shoes that will keep your feet warm and dry. In addition to keeping yourself warm and comfortable though, also be sure that you don’t forget to care for your winter shoes. A protective spray should be used on boots made from leather or suede, as it protects them from damage and ensures they last longer.

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