Law Office Design: Furnishing Your Workspace

Establishing a new legal office is an exciting project that can truly shape the public image of your practice and shape the nature of your relationship with your clients.  Whether your legal firm has a large budget for remodeling and design, or if you are a smaller firm that wants to have a more targeted approach to furnishing economically, you should consider making an investment that will make your clients feel comfortable, respected, and confident in your abilities as a legal team.

Making the Office Look Professional

One very pleasurable change chat you can bring to your office space is a new lighting scheme.  By combining natural light from a window with a professionally designed lighting system, your office will feel less clinical and more comfortable to your clients.  Lamps can make quite a design statement on a desk:  allow your personal taste and current furniture style drive your choice for selecting a high-quality lamp that will aid your daily work.  Overhead lighting can also brighten the workspace, but be sure to use lights that are neither too bright or too white.  The lighting should primarily be functional, in the case that it is bright enough for reading and completing work so that strain is not unnecessarily induced in your eyes.

Update your furniture with designs that mix modern with traditional – many designs are being produced today that are not too trendy but provide an updated approach to traditional designs.

It makes a difference to use furniture that is of a good quality – stay away from cheap products that you have to assemble on your own.  By investing in a classic piece, your office will look chic for years to come, and your clients will take you and your work far more seriously.  Look for products that can enhance the ergometry of your office:  your health matters especially if you will be spending long hours in the office, and your clients will surely notice this attention to detail.

A Friendly Office: Enhancing Client Relations

In National magazine, writer Ann Maculay confirms that one for the most important functions of an office is serving as a mediator between an advocate and the client. The atmosphere of the office should encourage clients to feel comfortable speaking and negotiating.  Try changing the colors of the walls or workspace accessories in order to provide a fresh, warm, and inviting look to an old office.  You can get some more tips HERE.

Small Changes that Deliver Big Results

Have you ever noticed the striking change in reaction from clients when your office is equipped with smart accessories, stationery, and fresh flowers?  They can make a great first impression on those who may not be at ease about their legal issues and feel intimidated by the legal process.  Refurnishing an office with small comforts, such as a place to hang their coats or store their suitcases, gives clients the sense that they are being treated respectfully.

Furnishing:  An Ongoing Project

It might be helpful to remember that furnishing your lawyers office does not have to be done all in one fell swoop.  Sure, you’ll need to get the basics out of the way so that you can have a professional setting for when clients come to visit.  But, as time goes by you’ll probably want to freshen up the place with new upholstery, different lighting schemes, and new desk accessories.  Most designers agree that it takes time to get used to a particular office space to know what furniture works best in which locations, since clients and workers tend to use space differently.  Don’t hesitate to get started on your office furnishing project, keeping flexibility and change in mind, of course.

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