Londoner Wins £42,000 Car Accident Claim

A young woman who is just 21 years of age has recently won a car accident claim totalling £42,000 in compensation. The claimant was mowed down by a speeding Honda Civic as it made its way through Chiswick High Road whilst engaged in a street race with another driver in a Porsche Boxster. The car accident claim writ told the story of how the two cars had met at the traffic lights some miles down the road and were indulging in an increasingly aggressive street race as they made their way into London. By the time they were coming through the main commercial stretch of Chiswick High Road past Devonshire Road, it was reported by a local London newspaper that the racers were becoming increasingly competitive and reckless.

Upon tackling the corner, the Honda Civic driver came on the inside of the road and failed to spot the claimant. The Chiswick local has requested to be anonymous at this stage and the offending car crashed into her as she ran along the edge of the pavement with her noise-cancelling iPod earphones firmly in place. The woman failed to hear the car and was crashed into, being squashed between a pillar box and the front bumper of the Honda vehicle. In the personal injury list, the woman sustained 3 fractures to the pelvis, a dislocated leg, internal bleeding, extensive soft tissue damage around the thigh and buttocks and also one cracked rib.

An ambulance was immediately rushed to the scene before heading straight back to hospital with its charge. The woman had to undergo emergency surgery in order for the internal bleeding to be dealt with and remained in hospital for a full 5 weeks following the car accident. Fortunately, her hipbones set back in a good place but her quality of life was affected for some time after the incident. She initiated the no win no fee car accident claim against the insurance company of the offending Honda driver. Both drivers in the race received jail sentences for their negligent actions.

The expert no win no fee solicitor secured her over £40,000 in the car accident claim meaning that she recovered from loss of earnings in addition to receiving damages money for the serious personal injuries sustained in the car accident. The woman said of the injuries that she was glad to receive the compensation but that she just wished drivers would take more care and exercise more consideration when making their way through populated areas.

Jim Loxley is a Director at claims specialist, My Compensation.

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