Accidents and Injury: Do You Really Need a Lawyer?

Accidents and Injury: Do You Really Need a Lawyer?

Personal injuries can occur on the job, on the property of business establishments like eateries or shopping centers, or when an individual is involved in a traffic accident through no fault of their own. While these situations may seem cut and dry at first, they are actually quite complex. Many times, when someone is injured through no fault of their own, the responsible party will suggest that the insurance companies do not get involved, and may offer a cash settlement amount right on the spot.

While this sounds good in theory, the reality of the situation is that many times, agreements like these are never followed through on, and the victim is left with costly medical bills, missed time from work, and a variety of inconveniences. This is where a personal injury attorney can really help to turn the situation around. Here are some examples where the assistance of an accident attorney will definitely prove to be beneficial.

Serious Bodily Injury

The monetary settlement an accident victim receives for their injuries depends on the severity of the situation at hand. The seriousness of your particular injuries is considered by the total amount of your hospital and medical bills, as well as the physical evidence of your injuries. It is not always easy for the average person to determine just what their injury is worth, and they may feel that they are crossing a line if they ask for “too much.” An experienced personal injury attorney understands how wide this range can be, and they can easily come up with a settlement amount that is fair and reasonable based on the individual’s injuries, time missed from work, and hospital bills.

Insurance Companies That Refuse to Pay the Victim

Unfortunately, there are many insurance companies in today’s world that will do whatever it takes not to pay a claim. Either they will refuse to pay at all, or will offer an insulting amount to the victim. Without the proper personal injury resources, the victim may accept an extremely low amount in order to be done with the case once and for all. Insurance companies can make the process very difficult on an accident victim, and if the victim is trying to recover from their injuries, the whole legal process can be quite overwhelming. A personal injury attorney knows every angle an insurance company may take in order to refuse payment or lowball an unfair settlement, and they work hard for their clients to ensure that they receive a fair amount of compensation that will aid in their recovery.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney for a Consultation

If you are the victim of an accident through no fault of your own and are concerned about taking on the legal process on your own, it is always a good idea to consult with a personal injury lawyer before proceeding. At your consultation, your attorney will go over the details of your accident and advise on the best plan of action for your particular case. They will do their very best to help you obtain the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

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