Inside the Latest Anthony Weiner Scandal

by billnixon December 18, 2013 General Law

One of the more bizarre scandals in the history of U.S. politics was revived last week when The Dirty, an online celebrity gossip magazine, published sexually explicit photos and texts allegedly made by New York Democrat and former Representative Anthony Weiner and originally sent to a 22 year-old woman.  Weiner, who had sent these materials […]

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Psychic Mediums and Law Enforcement: A Closer Look

by billnixon December 7, 2013 General Law

The popular American television show Psych, stars James Roday as Shawn Spencer, a phony psychic who draws his abilities from rigorous training received from his father, a retired police officer played by veteran actor Corbin Bernsen.  Along with his sidekick and childhood friend Gus Guster, played by Dulé Hill, Shawn solves cracks the toughest cases […]

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3 Ways to Enjoy Your Sunset Years in Style

by billnixon November 14, 2013 General Law

You’ve recently taken your last paycheck from work. It’s time to retire. You get a notice from your company’s benefits department. They want you to sign papers for your pension and 401(k). You do it, but then you regret it. What did you just sign up for? They said something about an annuity. Your first […]

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How to Find the Right Immigration Attorney for Your Case

by billnixon October 31, 2013 Immigration Law

Finding an immigration attorney is an important step to gaining citizenship. If you choose the wrong attorney, you may not be able to enjoy a stress free process. In fact, the wrong attorney can delay your citizenship by a huge period of time and might end up causing you to waste your hard earned money. […]

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The Benefits of Structured Settlements for Minors

by billnixon October 2, 2013 General Law

Minors and lump sums of cash just don’t mix. Young people tend to be very impetuous and really bad at budgeting. It’s understandable. Most minors don’t have a lot of experience with handling money. Still, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t receive what is legally owed to them from a wrongful death lawsuit or as […]

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Pre-Settlement Funding: A Safety Net for Plaintiffs

by billnixon October 2, 2013 Debt Recovery

You’re expecting a big settlement from a lawsuit, but the money hasn’t come in yet. In fact, the case hasn’t even been settled, so you’re out of luck until you get the judgement from the court, right? Hold on. You don’t always have to wait for a settlement to spend the cash. Some companies will […]

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Building a business outside of London

by billnixon August 15, 2013 Business

London and the south-east are undeniably the beating business heart of the UK, but that does not mean that cities elsewhere in the country are not a valuable part of that same economic circulatory system. If London is the heart, then the major economic centres of the north-west – including Liverpool and Manchester – are […]

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Public Safety and Law Enforcement: About Background Checks

by billnixon July 12, 2013 General Law

You want that dream job in criminal justice, but are you ready to take a lie detector test? Are you ready for a criminal background check? Are you ready to have your feet put to the fire? Relax, most job interviews are pretty tame, but there are often several checks that employers do to make […]

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Summertime Party Tips to Keep Homeowners Out of Court

by billnixon June 6, 2013 General Law

Summer is the season of partying and celebration.  Graduations, pool parties, family get-togethers and Fourth of July barbecues are all essential elements of life for millions of Americans.   If you plan on taking advantage of the warm weather to host a party, though, be warned that choosing a wide selection of food and a […]

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Gym Accidents: What You Should Know about Filing an Injury Claim

by billnixon April 12, 2013 Accident Claims Law

More and more people are hitting the gym to get fit and healthy, but that often means more injuries. A lack of experience, poor training methods, and over-training in general are often to blame. While you’re never guaranteed a victory in court, you may be able to sue the gym and collect damages if the […]

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