Five Fantastic Employment & Labor Lawyers Las Vegas, Nevada

The following are some of the best employment & labor lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada who can help advise on employment & labor law (whether you are an employee or a business owner), based on their reputation, online reviews and more:-

McDonald Carano Nevada’s Employment Lawyers

“McDonald Carano is the only full-service statewide law firm that remains from the pioneering Nevada firms that established our State’s legal community. McDonald Carano embodies Nevada’s “Battle Born” character as we proudly continue to thrive as an independent Nevada law firm.”

Kamer Zucker Abbott Nevada Labor/Employment Lawyer

Kamer Zucker Abbott
Labor/Employment Lawyer

“The only Nevada-based law firm that exclusively devotes its practice to representing employers in labor and employment law matters. For decades, Kamer Zucker Abbott has been a trusted legal advocate for Nevada’s public and private employers. Focusing solely on management-side labor and employment law.”

Fisher Phillips Nevada Labor/Employment Lawyer

Fisher Phillips
Labor/Employment Lawyer

“The attorneys at Fisher Phillips are committed to providing value to our clients. We do one thing – represent employers in labor and employment matters. Our clients know their legal problems will be treated as business problems and that we strive to help them avoid legal problems. We believe the lawsuit that’s never filed is a better win for a client than a costly defense verdict.”

The Bourassa Law Group

“The Bourassa Law Group believes every employee deserves fair and full compensation for their work with adherence to legal working hours. We help employees protect and exert their employment rights with proper legal guidance, representation, and litigation. So, whether you’re underpaid or have been illegally denied earned overtime, we can help.”

Rafii & Associates, PC – Nevada’s Premier Employment Law Firm

If you are facing workplace legal concerns, you need an employment law firm with experienced labor lawyers. Rafii & Associates, P.C. represents clients in Las Vegas, Nevada and the surrounding areas in all areas of labor and employment. Our unpaid wage and compensation attorneys and discrimination lawyers will protect your rights and seek justice on your behalf for harassment, wrongful termination, and more.