Why Pradaxa Is Especially Dangerous For Seniors

Pradaxa lawsuits are being filed across the country as the result of the 542 deaths and 3,800 issues that have been experienced by stroke patients. This makes Pradaxa dangerous for anyone, but there are certain key factors that make the medication even more dangerous for seniors.

What issues is Pradaxa Causing?

Pradaxa is a blood thinner that is often prescribed to stroke victims to help prevent them from suffering from additional strokes. When the medication works properly, it can be a lifesaver. Unfortunately, it is currently the number one drug under investigation by the FDA because it holds the record for the most complained about drug from 2011. The issues that patients have experienced have varied greatly, but a common problem is intestinal bleeding. Because Pradaxa makes it next to impossible for the patient’s blood to clot, these types of issues can quickly lead to their death. These are definite grounds to file a Pradaxa lawsuit.

Why is Pradaxa More Dangerous for Seniors?

If a senior is taking an anti-clotting medication, then they need to be careful even if it is not Pradaxa. The problem is that older individuals are more likely to have accidents such as a slip and fall that can cause them to begin bleeding. Any injury that bleeds can cause massive complications for someone who is using an anti-clotting medication, especially Pradaxa. If a senior is injured and their wound does not stop bleeding quickly, then it becomes very easy for them to bleed to death. There is no antidote for the effects of Pradaxa, and this is what led to the over 540 patient deaths last year.

What Precautions Should a Senior Take?

Whenever a doctor prescribes a medication to a senior, they should always ask about any potential side effects that could be problematic for them. This is especially important if they are living on their own. For example, a senior could easily fall down and bleed to death from Pradaxa complications long before an ambulance could arrive. By discussing these concerns with their doctor, a senior might be able to avoid taking medication that is known to be dangerous. There is an alternative to Pradaxa available, but it requires regular checkups and a lifestyle change. Pradaxa can be taken without making these changes, but that does not matter if it causes a person to bleed to death.

If the decision is made to still prescribe Pradaxa to a senior, then they need to fully understand the potential side effects and keep a close eye out for any issues. Because many of the issues present themselves within the first few weeks, it would be advisable to stay with a friend or family member for a short period of time if at all possible. It is also advisable for seniors to discuss anything that seems odd with their doctor. After all, a minor side effect might be the precursor to a major one, and it is important not to take chances with a drug like Pradaxa.

Even though there have been thousands of issues reported with Pradaxa, it is still currently helping many more people than it is hurting. Until these numbers flip or the FDA decides to take decisive action, Pradaxa will still be available. This does not mean that you have to take it, however. It is always advisable to discuss any medication concerns that you have with your doctor before you fill a new prescription.

Anthony Joseph is a freelance writer, and a contributing author for the Law Office of Doyle Raizner. Pradaxa has become a big cause of several lawsuits, and litigation that surrounds the drug is increasing. Contact their law office to see if you or someone you know has potential for a Pradaxa lawsuit. Also, several of their attorneys have previously worked for large pharmaceutical companies like Boehringer Ingelheim.

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