Scarring From Dog Bites Can Leaving A Lasting Impact

For victims of dog bite attacks, the initial pain and trauma of the actual attack may just be the beginning of their ordeal. Although many bites and scratches may be treated and mended, the scars they leave behind can leave a permanent reminder for the victim of the attack. These scars can be disfiguring in some cases, but even smaller scars can leave the victim with evidence of an event they would much rather just forget.

Scarring Can Be Reduced But Not Erased

Scar tissue develops while the body tries to heal the skin and tissue torn or lacerated from a dog bite or scratch. The scarring can be even more predominant on areas that have delicate skin, such as the facial region. Since many attacks involve bites to the neck and face, these wounds leave scars that are difficult to hide and can leave lasting damage to the victim’s appearance.

There are many techniques that can be used to reduce the amount of scar tissue. Laser treatments, injections and even surgical techniques such as skin grafting may be used to minimize scarring. Some of these can take weeks or even months of recovery and have their own pain and complications that can arise from them. However, even with the most advanced procedures, nothing can completely eliminate the scars left behind.

Living With Scars

For people who have survived a dog attack and have visible scars left behind, the impact of these scars can be devastating. Because they are physically apparent, they can be a source of embarrassment, ridicule and emotional trauma as well. While the wounds may heal, it is hard to put a price on the pain that these reminders have on the victims.

When looking at the cost of a dog attack, it can go well beyond just the price of medical treatments and loss of income. Right or wrong, appearance is important in our society and scars that diminish appearance can affect more than just the person’s attractiveness to potential partners. It can factor in to how they are perceived by other people for the rest of their life in business and in every day life.

For the victims who pursue compensation for the damage done from a dog attack from the owner of the dog or the dog owner’s insurance company, the lasting affect of the scars should considered. The medical bills and time lost from work are only the initial costs and do not represent the full extent of the injury to the person. Depending on the victim and the extent of the scars, the impact can be felt internally and is often much more than skin deep.

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