Post Accident Behavior: Misbehaving at the Scene Can Affect Your Life

by Ladyblogger on August 28, 2013

Most individuals feel as if they are safe drivers. Even those who engage in unsafe behaviors, such as texting and driving, feel as if they can do so because their driving abilities are above par.

Sadly, statistics show that the typical driver will end up filing an auto accident claim once every 19 years, so it’s obvious that accidents are bound to happen. When they do occur, emotions will obviously run high, and this can sometimes lead to bad behavior which an individual will later come to regret.

According to the CDC, motorists make up 35 percent of the injury-related cost involving auto accidents in New Hampshire. With that said, auto accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys like Tenn And Tenn, P.A. have seen an increase in cases related to this unfortunate scenario.

Behaving Badly at the Scene

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that fights sometimes break out at the scene of accidents. Arguments over who was at fault can quickly escalate, but in reality, the simple adrenaline rush that accompanies these types of accidents creates an atmosphere where trouble is likely to occur.

There are several types of behaviors that a person may engage in after an auto accident, and while they may not seem out of line at the time, these behaviors often have troubling consequences.


Fights seem to have a strange correlation with automobiles, and this doesn’t even require actual accidents to occur. During the Christmas shopping rush of 2012 in New Hampshire, for instance, six people were arrested after a fight broke out over a parking spot at the Rockingham Park Mall.

If fights break out over this minor occurrence, it’s no wonder that they occur after accidents. When emotions are high and tempers flare, the next course of action will often result in a physical confrontation.

Property Damage

One of the worst things that an individual can do after an accident is cause further property damage. From simply being mad enough to kick someone’s bumper to becoming totally enraged and bashing in someone’s windshield with a crowbar; nothing good can come from overreacting.

Police Issues

Some people actually get into arguments with police at the scene of accidents. It’s important to remember that police only have a limited amount of time to collect as much information as possible on the scene. Because of this, some of their questions may seem accusatory. It’s important to recognize this and not become combative with officers. They’re simply doing their jobs.


There are various repercussions that an individual may face after overreacting at an auto accident. Those who become argumentative with the police, for instance, may be arrested for disorderly conduct or interfering with an investigation.

Individuals who become so angry that they attack the other driver, on the other hand, can face serious charges related to assault and battery. This will necessitate the hiring of a criminal defense attorney to minimize repercussions, and this will end up costing more money.

In addition to the aforementioned criminal issues, a person may end up paying out of pocket for their actions; and this is the case even for a person wasn’t at fault for the accident.

An individual who attacked the other driver, for instance, may face a lawsuit related to the assault and end up paying damages related to medical bills and even pain and suffering. There’s no doubt that these consequences will be seriously regretted later on.

It’s understandable to have anger after an auto accident, and this is especially the case for those who aren’t at fault for it. Overreacting and behaving badly, however, simply aren’t the answer.

This can lead to serious civil and even criminal consequences, so acting on angry impulses is never a good idea. Finding an accident attorney after a collision is much better than needing a criminal attorney after overreacting at the scene.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer who contributes this article to alert readers of the consequences of behaving badly at the scene of auto accidents. Tenn And Tenn, P.A. is a New Hampshire law firm that is dedicated to litigating on behalf of individuals involved in auto accidents.

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