Selecting The Right Attorney In Your Area

by jdminvegas on August 5, 2011

Selecting the Right Attorney In Your Area

If you’re confused about where to start when choosing a lawyer, it’s understandable. There’s no shortage of attorneys out there, and sometimes it can be difficult to figure out who is competent and who isn’t. You need to find a lawyer in your local area who is honest, ethical, experienced, and capable of delivering the result that you’re looking for – whether that’s a structured settlement to pay for an injury, or full custody of your children. In this article, you’ll learn how to do research on local attorneys, how to get referrals, how to interview an attorney, and how to choose the best attorney for you.

Online Reviews

One of the best ways to do research on local attorneys in your area is by seeking information online. You can begin by doing a simple search on Google, like “personal injury attorney Chicago.” In the results, you’ll see listings for different attorneys, and some will even have reviews. By clicking on the “reviews” section, you’ll be able to see feedback from people who have hired that particular attorney. You can quickly see from the sorts of reviews being posted whether you’re dealing with a professional or an amateur.

Ask Friends and Family

Instead of seeking the advice of strangers posting reviews online, you might want to ask friends or family members for help. There’s bound to be someone you know who has been through a similar situation, like looking for a divorce lawyer, so make sure to ask around for a recommendation. You’ll be much more likely to trust this recommendation as well, seeing as though it’s coming from a close friend or relative. They may even be able to warn you about a particularly bad attorney that they hired in the past.

The Right Questions

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential attorney candidates, you’ll begin to move into the interview phase. During this phase, you’ll want to sit down with several attorneys and get to know them a little bit better before making the decision to hire them. Make sure that the attorney is experienced in the area that you’re dealing with. Find out if they charge by the hour or charge a contingency fee. If you’ve been injured in an accident, ask whether you’re likely to receive a structured settlement. There are plenty of qualified lawyers, but you need to find one that is appropriate for you and your circumstances.

What are the Results?

A lawyer might be able to do a good job of answering all of your questions, but make sure that those answers are backed up with substance. The most important question you can ask is, “Out of all of your cases, how many have you won and how many have you lost?” If the attorney hesitates to answer this question or provides a vague answer, it might be a warning sign that you should avoid this person. Results are what matter most. If you’re the victim of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, for example, you want to know that your attorney can secure a structured settlement for you.

If you’re having trouble choosing an attorney, pay attention to the tips outlined in this article. It will give you a good head start in finding the lawyer best suited to meet your needs.

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