Potholes and car accident risk

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ on December 17, 2010

A pothole is a kind of disruption of a road, where some of asphalt has been damaged, leaving a bowl shaped hole in it. These can be up to 10 inches deep and are usually caused by the wear-and-tear as well as weather and general fatigue of the pavement surface.

For most of the drivers, potholes only cause annoyance and discomfort, but it can also cause costly damage to the car and give you are reason to see a mechanic sooner than you might otherwise wish to.

Occasionally, a pothole may be so large that the car is not able to handle the blow and you may lose control over your car. This can directly lead to car accidents and bring about unnecessary injuries.

Potholes are dangerous for cyclists and motorcyclists as well as for the car drivers. In order to avoid an accident, the speed should be decreased when driving on badly maintained roads and safe driving decisions must be taken, so that you are prepared for the unexpected and remain in control of the car at all times.

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