At the Scene of an Accident: Avoiding Injuries After the Crash

by Ladyblogger on September 9, 2013

Being involved in an accident is a traumatic experience, but the issue can be exacerbated by additional damages and injuries if you do not take steps to protect yourself at the scene. After all, there have been several reported instances of motorists being surprised by an accident scene, and this can quickly cause a two car crash to become a much bigger incident. Therefore, you should definitely act quickly in order to protect yourself after you have been involved in an accident. 

Five Tips for Avoiding Injuries After a Crash1. Move Your Vehicle – If it is at all possible, you should move your vehicle to the side of the road or a nearby parking lot to get it out of the flow of traffic. This will dramatically reduce your risk of being injured after the incident, and it will also help you avoid causing an additional accident.

2. Contact the Police – Having the police and any other applicable emergency professionals on hand will provide you with some protection from other drivers. However, it is important to note that being on the other side of the flashing lights will not guarantee your safety.

For example, seven people were injured at an accident scene in North Charleston, South Carolina, on June 11, 2013, when a drunk driver crashed into an existing accident scene that was already being attended to by firefighters and paramedics. The best personal injury lawyer Charleston SC has to offer will tell you, these types of accidents are unfortunately not that uncommon. Therefore, moving out of the road is still your best course of action.3. Put Your Hazards On – If you are unable to move your vehicle, you should put your hazards on to help attract the attention of other motorists while you are waiting for the police to arrive. In reality, the more attention you can attract to the accident the better because once you’ve attracted other drivers’ attention, it is typically instinctual for them to slow down and assess the situation.

4. Consider Leaving the Vehicle – The area that the accident happens in will help determine whether or not it is safe to leave your vehicle to look for shelter. For example, if the accident happens in a residential neighborhood, you should be able to easily find a safer place to wait for the police outside of your vehicle.
However, if the accident happens on the highway, it will most likely be better to remain in your vehicle. After all, even if someone does hit your vehicle again, the vehicle frame itself will provide you with somewhat of a protection as opposed to the potential of your being hit while simply standing on the side of the road.5. Look for Gas Leaks – If your car appears to be leaking gas after an accident, it is imperative to let everyone around you know that they should move away from the area. It will also be vital to let the 911 operator know that they need to send a fire truck along with the police to help contain the situation.

No matter how many precautions you take, it is still possible that you will be injured during or after a car accident. However, following these steps will at least lessen the chances of additional injuries at the scene. It is also important to exhibit caution as a motorist when you see others already involved in a collision.

Bethany Gillis has seen many times the carelessness of passing motorists at accident scenes and offers this advice in hopes of helping those involved to avoid further injury. If such an unfortunate incident has already occurred with you, she suggests seeking the help of a legal professional. She suggests researching the best personal injury lawyer Charleston SC or other areas has to offer, depending on where you live.

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