Car Defects

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ on October 25, 2010

Sometimes a car accident will occur due to defects of the vehicle and not to any fault of the driver. Those defects can be either manufacture and design defects or defects caused by inappropriate or poor maintenance.

In some cases, manufacture defects will only become apparent only when a car accident actually occurs. For example, it may be the case that the driver of the car is not aware of a defective airbag, which does not deploy properly or does not deploy at all, and will only find out about this in the case of an actual car accident.

Another example of such a defect is the lack of structural integrity in the vehicle. If the manufacturer has not anticipated the possibility of a car accident and a collision and, for example, a roll-over of the car, in which the car could land on its roof, it is possible that, due to the insufficient design, the car may collapse on the passengers in it.

Similarly, defective seatbelts as well as tyres can contribute to the occurrence of car accidents. If you have experienced this and been involved in a car accident that was not your fault, please do not hesitate to contact Thompsons No Win No Fee specialists who will advise you on your eligibility to compensation that you deserve.

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