Top Ten Craziest Lawsuits

by GuestBlogger on October 1, 2012

Top Ten Craziest Lawsuits

All kinds of lawsuits are filed everyday, whether they seem completely unrealistic or if they are very serious cases. If you believe you have a case, then you should contact a litigation solicitor for advice on whether you have a case or not. If you do have a case, then they will give you all the information you need and talk you through the process and what you can gain. Also, if you think your case is too silly to be taken to court, then have a look at the top 10 craziest lawsuits because they might change your mind.

10. One couple sued American Airlines because the leg room was smaller than expected.

9. Cathy McGowan won a new Renault Clio on a radio station; she turned up at the radio station expecting to be handed the keys to her brand new car but she was given a four inch toy car. She took the radio station to court and gained 8000 Pounds.

8. A man sued his neighbour for running him over; the man was trying to steal his neighbours hubcaps at the time.

7. Sarah Deming filed a lawsuit against the distributors of the movie ‘Drive’ because there was not enough driving in it and she felt that the trailers were misleading.

6. Caesar Barber decided to sue a number of fast food restaurants, including McDonald’s and KFC, because they were making him fat. He blames the restaurants because they sold him the food that made him obese.

5. Terence Dickson got stuck in the house he was robbing and sued the homeowner because it caused him mental anguish Dickson won the case.

4. A man from Wisconsin attempted to sue the cable company because his kids are lazy and his wife is fat.

3. Allen Heckard has been told by many people that he looks like Michael Jordan, however, Heckard disagrees and says Michael Jordan looks like him. He sued Jordan and the founder of Nike for defamation.

2. In 1996, a woman sued a TV station because it rained when they had inaccurately predicted that the weather would be fair.

1. Mrs. Grazinski bought a new Winnebago (motor home) and she got hungry while she was driving. She put the Winnebago on auto-pilot whilst she went to the back to make a sandwich. The vehicle crashed and she sued the manufacturers because they did not specify in the manual that the driver had to stay seated.

These lawsuits clearly demonstrate that it does not matter how silly your case is because you still have a chance of gaining something from it. A litigation solicitor at a company, such as Flint Bishop, is fully trained and experienced in dealing with all kinds of legal cases no matter how complicated they are. Their expertise will help you reach the result you deserve. They can offer you expert advice and can determine whether your case is worth taking forwards and what you should expect from it. All you need to do is provide all of the crucial information because this will help the solicitor organise and prepare your case; if you are organised, then it will be easier for you and your solicitor to present your case in front of judges and juries.

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