Commonplace Health-Related Lawsuits

People have an expectation that the foods and products they purchase are safe and free of toxic agents. Many different types of lawsuits are filed each year by people who may have sustained injury from the foods they eat or the substances they are exposed to on their jobs.

Work Injuries

Lawsuits that involve work injuries are among those most commonly filed. These involve injuries sustained from falls, collapse of materials, failure of equipment and other causes. These injuries often occur at work sites and may involve the failure of a company to provide sufficient safety measures for operation. An example of a work-related injuries would be one in which a safety guard is missing from machinery or parts of the machinery malfunction, causing an accident. Lawsuits may be filed even if the injury is covered under workers compensation insurance.

E. Coli Outbreaks

Many large corporations have been involved in lawsuits involving tainted food that has caused illness. Though these companies go to great pains to ensure that the food is safe for public consumption, problems with equipment or human error can contribute to the growth of bacteria that causes illness. Lawsuits for E. coli contamination can ensure that others are not injured by the carelessness or unsafe operations of the food service industry.

Cancer Exposure

Many substances that workers handle every day in their jobs may cause cancer. Chemicals like benzene, chromium compounds, silica and asbestos are known cancer-causing agents. Exposure to these agents may not result in symptoms for years or decades. However, workers still have the ability to bring a case against the employer or the manufacturer of the product if they suspect that they were not fully protected from the substance during employment. Many class-action lawsuits have been filed on behalf of workers that developed cancer as a result of their employment years earlier. In fact, suits have even been filed by perfectly healthy plaintiffs who nonetheless suspect unsafe exposure.

Missed Diagnoses

Missed diagnoses are the most common malpractice lawsuits. These suits often involve test results that were overlooked or obvious symptoms that were missed by a physician. Heartbreakingly, many of these lawsuits involve children with serious diseases that have been misdiagnosed and incurred significant injury or pain due to the failure or delay of a proper diagnosis. Increased use of tests seeks to prevent these failures, but errors continue to occur.

Drug Side Effects

With the introduction of many new medications, a number of lawsuits have been filed regarding serious side effects. In some cases, the side effects are serious enough to cause death, such as with blood-thinning medications that have been linked to fatal strokes. Other medications may cause suicidal impulses that can cause the death of patients. Lawsuits filed by people and families injured by these drugs can help assure that they are taken off the market, properly labeled or prescribed with greater care.

Medical Device Injuries

Medical devices are becoming a common feature of medical care. Implants of metal or plastic are used every day in joint replacement surgery. Metal or plastic devices may be placed in the body during heart surgery, vein surgery or other treatments. Although these devices undergo comprehensive testing, the material or design may be found to cause injury after a period of time. Patients can then file suit for reimburse of additional medical costs, loss of wages and other expenses.


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