What Makes a Good Tax Lawyer?

by Legal Author on January 25, 2013

Guest post from a US legal blogger regarding the top qualities in every good tax lawyer.

There is no denying that the field of tax law is very technical and complex.  While the general field of law is about handling legal issues of all different sorts, tax law is one of those niches that is commonly referred to as one of the more demanding specialties in the field.  With so many different complex tax laws to decipher and a wide scope of different legal issues that can arise in the practice area, a good tax lawyer must be equipped with the knowledge to handle everything from complex estate planning to tax filer protection in a lawsuit.  While the laws can be learned, to be a good tax lawyer you need to have inherent skills and qualities that cannot always be learned, and this is something that anyone considering tax law should consider before entering the field.

What Skills Do Professionals Need to Become a Top Tax Lawyer?

Some people seem like they were just born to be lawyers, but what many people do not realize is that not all lawyers spend their days in the courtroom speaking in front of a jury.  Some people are attracted to tax law because they have heard that there is money in the field, but like most fields, there is money to be made for those who are right for the field.  Not everyone has what it takes to become a good consumer or business tax lawyer.  Both consumers and prospective lawyers need to know what it takes to be a top tax lawyer before hiring an attorney or enrolling in classes to earn degrees.

Some of the Personal Qualities and Traits a Tax Lawyer Should Possess Include:

*  Exceptional oral communications skills

*  Exceptional written communications skills to draft documents, complaints, and responses to lawsuits

*  Critical thinking skills are essential to judge a case, spot weaknesses, and choose the best course of action to pursue based on the details of the case.

*  All lawyers in any practice area must have interpersonal skills.  These skills are essential to give clients sound advice and to advise clients of the best approach to take with the legal case.

*  Lawyers, especially in the field of tax law, must be analytical.  With so many numbers and detailed information involved in these cases, lawyers must be able to stay organized so that they can analyze the information pertaining to the case logically.

*  Commitment and perseverance are two qualities that lawyers cannot lack.

Specialized Qualities Top Tax Lawyers Must Learn

While some of the personal qualities can be learned, some people are just born to be committed critical thinkers.  There are a variety of different qualities that top tax lawyers must possess that can be learned over time.  As students and attorneys gain more experience in the field, they can build a reputation that classifies them as a premier lawyer in the field if they:

*  Have actual IRS experience

*  Have completed an LLM program is Taxation

*  Have demonstrated the ability to keep up with constantly changing tax law

*  Have a focused law firm that only deals with tax matters

*  Have dealt with the legal issue at hand in the past

*  Have kept their customers happy and informed throughout the process

A good tax lawyer is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and the state bar association.  If you are good with numbers, dedicated to learning the complexities behind tax law, and possess some of the inherent traits you need to be a lawyer of any kind, the field of tax law may be for you.  Remember that this is not an easy profession to pursue.  With your hard work and dedication, you may become a top tax lawyer and earn a sizable income while you help consumers and businesses.

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