workplace accident

Oldham manufacturer fined over £100,000 after death of worker

by Redmans Solicitors November 20, 2014 Employment Law

An Oldham manufacturing company has been ordered to pay over £100,000 in fines and costs after one of its employees was killed in a workplace accident. Refinery Supplies Limited, a business specializing in the manufacturing of kettles for the zinc and lead smelting industries, was ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £125,000 by the […]

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Firm heavily fined after serious accident at work

by Redmans Solicitors March 25, 2014 Employment Law

A Staffordshire firm has been heavily fined after a worker suffered serious injuries as a result of a workplace accident, according to a report by the Health and Safety Executive (“HSE”). The unidentified worker – who asked not to be identified by the HSE – was working for Thomas Bolton Limited when the accident occurred […]

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Company heavily fined after worker’s death

by Redmans Solicitors January 21, 2014 Employment Law

A Welsh company has been heavily fined after a worker died as a result of breaches of UK health and safety legislation. Mr Ahmet Yakar, 52, was struck by heavy falling boxes whilst he was working for Morganite Electrical Carbon Limited in Swansea on 19 July 2011. On the day in question Mr Yakar – […]

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Firm prosecuted after serious workplace accident

by Redmans Solicitors December 11, 2013 Accident Claims Law

A Port Talbot-based firm has been heavily fined by the Neath Magistrates’ Court after it pleaded guilty to health and safety breaches that led to serious injury to one of its workers. Envases (UK) Ltd was fined and ordered to pay costs amounting cumulatively to almost £20,000 after one of its workers, Mrs Gaynor Gordon, […]

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