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How PASMA Training can help the construction industry avoid lawsuits

by BritanniaSafety August 15, 2012 Accident Claims Law

Since the 2005 Work at Height Regulations came into effect, there has been a more conscious effort being made in the construction industry to reduce the number of deaths and injuries from height. With statistics from the Health and Safety Executive showing that falls from height still tops the list of fatalities and injuries in […]

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Working at Height, the Law and IPAF Training

by BritanniaSafety August 13, 2012 Employment Law

The Health and Safety Executive, more commonly abbreviated to HSE, are putting a big focus on working at height this financial year, with statistics showing that this is an area in which there is room for improvement across a range of industries. The HSE has reported that falls from height are still the most common […]

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Judging Judges – Is there a need for greater judicial scrutiny?

by tashalaw June 25, 2012 Blawg

I attended Cheryl Thomas‘ inaugural lecture at the Judicial Institute at UCL last Wednesday where she talked about judicial studies and in particular, the study of judges and juries. I’d never really thought about judicial studies until I was trying to find empirical evidence of the behaviour of juries in criminal trials for a paper I […]

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Solicitors Urge Public to Write Wills

by GDeanNorwich June 15, 2012 Wills

It’s a definite hot topic currently in the UK with only a third of adults actually being covered by a will when they die despite the importance of the document and the fact that any adult (over the age of 18) can legally write one. This article from Gordon Dean solicitors in Great Yarmouth shows […]

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