Pre-nuptial Agreements

Rise in Couples Choosing to Divorce after Less Than a Year Together

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers February 3, 2014 Law

In my experience some couples rush into marriage without considering the  financial consequences that marriage can bring. Couples can get swept away with  the romance of marriage and some turn their focus away from the relationship  towards creating a fairy tale wedding. Having a “perfect” wedding can be  expensive and this can put financial strain […]

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Family Law Solicitor asks – Pre-Nup for Sarah Ferguson & Prince Andrew?

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers October 2, 2013 Law

According to recent reports The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson has indicated that re-marriage may be on the horizon for her and Prince Andrew. They have been the subject of much talk in the press since their Divorce was finalised in 1996. It has been reported that the royal couple maintained good relations following their […]

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Pre-Nuptial Agreements – do they have a Bale-out clause?

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers September 16, 2013 Law

According to recent reports, professional footballer Gareth Bale has postponed his wedding day as fiancé Emma Rhys-Jones’ dad is held in jail over suspicion of £3 million global fraud. Allegedly, the 48 year old is on remand in a US cell facing 40 charges of fraud and money laundering, forcing the couple to delay their […]

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