Medical negligence solicitors

A legal guide for patients dealing with the impact of medical negligence

by LinderMyers November 14, 2013 Clinical medical negligence

Medical negligence can cause serious damage to a patient’s physical or mental health, and even result in death in the most severe circumstances. For people harmed by substandard medical care or a medical error, there is financial and medical support available to help with rehabilitation and recovery, providing victims with the opportunity to live comfortably […]

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Study suggests many Britons could claim compensation for medical negligence

by JamesBooker April 30, 2013 Clinical medical negligence

Dentists often provide a valuable service, helping us maintain oral hygiene and preventing us from suffering problems such as gum disease. However, despite these benefits, many of us do not enjoy visiting these professionals. According to the NHS, one in every four Britons could have a phobia of dentists. Therefore, approximately 25% of the population […]

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Sterilisation Failure Claim

by emmadigirank April 11, 2013 Clinical medical negligence

Deciding to undergo a female sterilisation is not a decision to be made lightly as it is considered to be a permanent method of contraception. It is something that requires a lot of thought, and if you do choose to go ahead with the procedure, you should feel comfortable with the fact that your family […]

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How to Enjoy Specialist Service in a Claim of Clinical Negligence

by mariannarose November 7, 2012 Medical Law

Clinical negligence in the UK, these days, is gradually becoming quite commonplace. According to the latest information provided by the NHS, thousands of Britons suffer consequence of the problem, among which a significant number is problems caused due to surgical negligence. The ultimate result of clinical negligence can be of different magnitude, starting from minor […]

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Medical Negligence payouts double in Wales

by curtislegal August 30, 2012 Clinical medical negligence

Kate Pierce was 9 months old when she developed Pneumococcal meningitis, but she was wrongly diagnosed by a junior doctor who said she had tonsillitis. That mistake has left her severely brain damaged. At six years old she now needs round the clock care, both at home and at school. Kate can’t communicate, she has […]

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Media spotlight on medical negligence in maternity care

by Legal Author August 15, 2011 Personal Injury

There has recently been a surge in media interest surrounding the harrowing experiences of women during childbirth. The Medical Negligence Group at Pannone represents families nationwide whose lives have been ruined through the death of a mother or child as a result of medical negligence. We also act in cases where children are left with […]

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