Marketing for law firms

Marketing a Criminal Law Firm Online

by Bill Kilpatrick June 12, 2012 Blawging

Many in the legal profession have yet to consider marketing their services online. Some do not fully understand the Internet’s role in how modern consumers shop for not only goods, but professional services as well. Other attorneys appreciate the Internet’s significance, if only because they realize competing firms are well positioned online. At the same […]

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Law firm marketing trends update

by evolvedlegal May 28, 2012 Law firm marketing

The UK is often described as being 5 years behind the US when it comes to following popular trends. This figure is greatly narrowed when referring to internet trends, which can become popular nationally overnight. The same can therefore be said for the adoption of certain trends by UK law firms, taken from their US […]

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5 Marketing Strategies To Help Drive Your Practice

by CherrellT April 6, 2012 Law Blog

Small law firms and attorneys who decide on hanging a shingle are no different from any other small business in the sense that their success will strongly depend on their marketing efforts. The marketing approach that must be taken by the legal community, however, differs from most other small businesses. Here are five marketing strategies […]

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