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New Hampshire House Considers Bill on Legalizing Marijuana This Month

by Justin Shepherd January 14, 2014 Criminal Defence Lawyers

When Will Marijuana Become Legal in New Hampshire? This week the New Hampshire House will consider the bill on whether to legalize up to 1 ounce of marijuana for ages 21 and older for recreational use. Supporters are proposing to tax the drug when sold at a retail rate of $30 per ounce. In addition, […]

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What Are The Legal Rights Of Medical Marijuana Patients?

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ June 26, 2013 Law

(US law/general) The legalization of medical marijuana has created a number of complex legal issues on both the state and federal levels. The laws prevent the prosecution of people who have a recognized medical condition and who have conformed to the laws of the state. This often includes registering with a central agency and carrying […]

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