Know When to Settle and When to Go to Trial

by Theodore Spaulding October 4, 2013 Blawg

As an Atlanta attorney trying complex business matters throughout metro-Atlanta, I found a 2008 study finding that settling a case is better than going to trial in most instances rings just as true today as it did five years ago.  The New York Times article outlining the study indicates that “lawyers and clients in civil […]

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Patent Fight in the Tech Sector and Their Possible Consequences

by Lilly October 2, 2013 Intellectual Property

Patent infringement law suits are a never ending battle between big tech firms like Apple and Samsung. It’s a battle that never sleeps, there’s almost always a suit either ongoing or about to start in these areas. The question is, what kind of effect will this have on customers? Apple vs. Samsung An example of […]

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Legally Awkward: 9 Strange Lawsuits

by J-Snow September 26, 2013 Law

Lawsuits are not supposed to be joking matters, but sometimes they are ridiculous and funny. After all, it seems like people these days will file a suit for virtually any reason, even if it has no ostensible basis in reality. Here are nine of the strangest lawsuits. 1. The Inappropriate Essay A 56-year-old college student […]

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