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Should Law Firms change to a New Fully Managed Print Service?

by Alex Hutchinson March 25, 2014 Business

A large % of the Law Firms we work with are called, on a daily basis, by salespeople trying to tell them why they should change their Printers to a New Fully Managed Print Service (whether they take the call or not is a different matter but they receive the calls non the less!) “We […]

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Top 10 Ancient Laws Way Ahead Of Their Time

by johne1 February 28, 2013 Law

Law and legal matters are the important things that we have to be well aware of all the time. There are different kinds of laws all over the world regarding different subjects. Among them, let us see some important ancient laws which are standing even today with great importance. 1) Animal rights: Using the animals […]

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Breach of Trust – AIB v Mark Redler & Co

by Mo Afzal February 13, 2013 Professional Negligence

The Court of Appeal has given further clarification on breach of trust claims brought against solicitors by lenders. In AIB v Mark Redler & Co, the solicitors were negligent in acting for AIB on a remortgage advance of £3.3 million. The solicitors had failed to obtain a redemption figure for the borrowers’ second loan account […]

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5 Famous Lawyers You Haven’t Heard Of

by mariechan February 11, 2013 Law Blog

Famous people with law degrees are a dime a dozen. It turns out that most Presidents of the United States, many other politicians and quite a few unexpected celebrities have suffered the rigors of law school and managed to pass the bar exam, albeit some of them had to try several times! This isn’t an […]

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Ninth Circuit Panel Denies Habeas; Incites Strong Dissent

by RyanD October 8, 2012 General Law

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed a California District Court denial of writ of habeas corpus in what a dissenting member of the panel says is a direct violation of Brady v. Maryland. On appeal from the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California, Ford v. […]

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Five Historic and Controversial Rulings by the Supreme Court

by RyanD September 6, 2012 General Law

(US Law) The Supreme Court has issued a number of controversial rulings; in fact, almost all of the cases which the Supreme Court rules on are controversial in nature. Some rulings, like the ruling in Brown v. Board (1954), have gone down in history as cases that were not only controversial, but also changed the […]

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FSA to Crackdown on the Mis-selling of UCIS

by Farleys Solicitors August 30, 2012 Law

In the latest scandal to hit the banking and finance industry in the UK, the FSA (Financial Services Authority) have announced that they are to crackdown on UCIS – Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes. According to the FSA, recent investigations have uncovered ‘high levels’ of unsuitable advice being given on such investments. Due to its unorthodox […]

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A Quick Guide to 10 Basic Types of Lawyers and Their Roles

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ August 14, 2012 Guest legal blogging

The following is a guest law blog post outlining some of the most common types of lawyers. If you need a lawyer then chances are that you will have a specific situation which you need help with. Few of us want to find a lawyer and then think about what we are going to do […]

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Battling Giants in the Court of Law: The Greatest Legal Underdogs [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ August 9, 2012 Law Blog

The following is a guest post noting some of the greatest legal underdogs of all time and details of their success. Further additions welcome in the comments section below. It is an unfortunate consequence of living in a world governed by economics that those with the most money should have most of the power. Often, […]

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Welcome to YouBlawg

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ August 7, 2010 Blawg

As WardblawG rockets through the 18,000 hit barrier after just 6 weeks, it is with pleasure that I recommend the webhost I use, Dreamhost below including a free month’s trial, together with the outstanding free web software at WordPress which I incorporated into Dreamhost for no extra charge.

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