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5 Common Personal Injury Cases

by jmachie June 5, 2013 Personal Injury

Accidents happen all the time. When we’re small we get into scrapes. When we grow up, we still get into scrapes. Although everyone tries to exercise care, accidents just happen. However, if you are the type who constantly get into accidents, you may not be as accident-prone as you or your family and friends think […]

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Friday the 13th could be a busy time for personal injury solicitors

by JamesBooker May 1, 2013 Personal Injury

Even today, some people believe that certain omens bring bad luck. They may dread the sight of a single magpie, feel worried when a black cat crosses their path, avoid walking under ladders, or refrain from opening umbrellas indoors. Although these signs might be considered irrational, the findings of one British study suggest that superstitious […]

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The ABC’s and 123’s of a Workers’ Compensation Claim

by gibson-gibson April 4, 2013 Accident Claims Law

(Guest post from an Australian law firm; includes information on claiming for compensation in Australia and general tips for everyone). If you have an accident at work, you may be able to make a claim through the Workers’ Compensation scheme. You are entitled to make a claim if you sustain an injury in the course […]

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