identity theft

Identity Theft: Is Your Tax Refund in Danger?

by KellyK June 10, 2013 Criminal Law

Identity theft has become a very real threat due to the increasingly popularity of the Internet. In fact, more than 13 million people became victims of this crime in 2012, and this number is expected to continue to increase. According to the IRS, at least 650,000 cases of identity theft have occurred during the tax […]

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3 Tips on Protecting Your Identity

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ July 10, 2012 Privacy

The following is a guest blog post outlining 3 useful tips for protecting your identity. If you have any further tips please add them in the comments section below. When it comes to protecting your identity a lot of people assume it can never happen to them. It can really impact your life negativity if […]

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