Health & Safety

Is this the thin end of the fat wedge?

by Thompsons Solicitors August 8, 2012 Law

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have launched a 3 month Consultation into plans that would exempt self-employed people from Health and Safety Law. The Consultation comes after the Lofstedt Review that proposed certain exemptions as a way of cutting what the Government deems to be unnecessary red-tape.   This is something that David Cameron has […]

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Miner Celebrities

by Thompsons Solicitors October 19, 2010 Law

I was moved to tears this week watching footage of the 33 miners who had been trapped underground for 69 days being reunited with their loved ones, their liberty and their country. As someone who deals in health and safety law I was heartened to hear the president of Chile claim that he would launch […]

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