Graham Kerr

The Use of Force in International Law: Whether Israel acted within the law in the Lebanon War of 2006

by LMS-Graham April 16, 2012 International Law

July 12th 2006, 09:05 local time: Hezbollah launched diversionary rocket attacks on the Israeli settlements of Zar’it and Shlomi. Following these attacks Hezbollah then attacked two armoured vehicles, with the intention of capturing military personnel as prisoners. This was then followed by other skirmishes at border posts which again Hezbollah was attacking and one failed […]

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Space Law; Explored

by LMS-Graham April 2, 2012 Intellectual Property

Space. The final legal frontier. Dramatic openers apart, the statement above can be said to be true. Man has been enacting laws from the ‘dawn of time’, aiming to legislate for almost any situation we might encounter. It was not until the very end of the second millennia that we turned our attention to matters […]

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