Telephone Scammers: Have You Been Targeted?

by barlowrobbins October 31, 2013 Criminal Defence Lawyers

‘Vishing’ is a process, used by fraudsters, to wheedle out your personal details over the phone, while pretending to be a legitimate body, like your bank or the police. It’s similar to online phishing, where scammers contact someone’s email address, to try to squeeze out important information. More than a quarter of adults in the […]

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The Risks and Rewards of Reporting Green Energy Fraud

by ValerieC September 25, 2013 Fraud

Green marketing is a new tactic to take advantage of a rising wave of environmental concern and awareness. Unfortunately, some purportedly green companies do not share the same concern for their customers. Whether in an energy company gaining statewide rate increases by claiming green energy generation methods that are not being employed, or in a […]

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7 Schemes that Scam the Mortgage Distressed

by terryduschinski September 18, 2013 Banking and Finance Law

On its road to recovery from the tailspin of the Great Recession, the United States housing market has become a playground for schemers and scammers. It is fertile soil for fraud. Mortgage shenanigans proliferate due to whealings and dealings of “industry insiders” — loan officers, mortgage brokers and appraisers — according to the FBI in […]

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Have You Been the Subject of Healthcare Fraud?

by RyanD May 17, 2013 Health Law

Have you been the subject of healthcare fraud? According to the FBI website, healthcare fraud costs the US about $80 billion dollars per year. And some corrupt doctors are willing participate in healthcare fraud schemes for a price. The more expensive healthcare costs become, the higher a price we pay for the service. So eliminating […]

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Tax ID Theft is a Crime that Can Happen to You

by SocialMonsters April 18, 2013 Law

On Feb. 13 of this year, United States Attorney Robert E. O’Neill announced that Carlista Hawls, of Riverview, Florida, plead guilty to one count of tax fraud and one count of aggravated identity theft. Along with several accomplices, Hawls carried out a plan to file false income tax returns and used the personal information of […]

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Tips to Console an Identity Theft Victim and Help them Avoid it

by Brianna Jones April 1, 2013 Banking and Finance Law

Identity theft is a serious ongoing problem that you should take steps to avoid. Identity thieves can cause problems with your credit history, finances, and personal reputation. You should take all precautions to protect your personal information and avoid identity theft. Specific Types of Identity Theft The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) specifies several unique types […]

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What is the offence of fraud?

by Criminal Defence Solicitors January 30, 2013 Fraud

One of the most common offences that you read about in the newspapers is that of fraud (see below for a list of recent examples). So, what is fraud? If you’ve been arrested on suspicion of fraud, charged with fraud, are being prosecuted for a fraud-related offence then you’ll want to know what this offence […]

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Fraud survey – clear as mud ?

by evolvedlegal November 18, 2012 Fraud

A recent publication from the Home Office is certainly detailed and throws up some interesting facts, but on the whole, for a 90 page survey, the findings are very confusing. The report adopts a sectoral approach, not necessarily by reference to just business types, but with a starting point of attitudes and experience of fraud. […]

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Does a Securities Investor Have Rights?

by christophers June 19, 2012 Banking and Finance Law

Law blog post contributed by Christopher Stephens on behalf of Page Perry LLC, a Securities Arbitration Firm. The answer to the above question is, of course, “Yes!” This answer is particularly important in that the New York Stock Exchange has estimated that some 200 million Americans either directly or indirectly (e.g. public pension funds or […]

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