Florida Alimony Reform

5 Key Takeaways from the Florida Alimony Law Debate

by Howard Iken July 16, 2013 Divorce

1. Alimony will be changing – Whether it is this year, next year, or several years after, it is a given that an overhaul will be enacted for alimony in Florida. In the prior decade the alimony statutes received the equivalent of several fresh coats of paint. There was minor tinkering here and there but […]

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Is Alimony Unfair? Why Florida Is Pushing For Reform

by Ladyblogger June 6, 2012 Law Blog

Parents that are facing a divorce after a failed marriage don’t always realize the financial responsibilities that are required of every spouse. A divorce can be a devastating blow to the emotional, mental and financial aspects of any previously married couple. Celebrities and wealthy individuals often have a prenuptial agreement that is set in place […]

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