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Is matrimonial revenge a dish best served cold?

by Linzi Perriman October 9, 2015 Divorce

Wednesday night saw more than eight million of us tuning in to the climactic ending of Mike Barlett’s five-part domestic drama ‘Doctor Foster’. My last blog – Following Doctor’s Order – focused on episode 3 of the gripping drama, for those that missed it, episode 4 saw Gemma’s professional career called into question, police involvement over […]

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Slater & Gordon Divorce Study Supports Value of Family Mediation

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers May 22, 2014 Law

New research carried out by Slater & Gordon Lawyers shows that more than a third of divorces are acrimonious, while more than 40% of divorcees went after more than they were entitled to. Sadly, these findings do not surprise me; many people try to play dirty when going through a divorce. As a Divorce Solicitor, […]

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Swiss Court Orders Husband to Pay Largest Ever Divorce Settlement

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers May 20, 2014 Divorce

It has been reported today that Dmitry Rybolovlev, owner of the AS Monaco football team has been ordered to pay the highest known divorce settlement, a sum of over £2.7 billion. The divorce proceedings took place in Switzerland and according to the reports, Mr Rybolovlev has the right of appeal, though it is not known […]

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When is a Marriage Not Legally Binding?

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers May 20, 2014 Law

Pop songstress Foxes is reported as being uncertain of her marital status following a drunken ceremony at Glastonbury, in an interview with Metro magazine. She recalls hazy memories of a marriage ceremony in the after-party at Shangri-La, but has no idea where her festival “hubby” could be, revealing that they lost touch. She is reported […]

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Family Law Solicitor discusses the role of CAFCASS in Child law cases

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers April 30, 2014 Law

As many parents involved in children act proceedings will know, CAFCASS can play a pivotal role in providing information to the court, especially in respect of a child’s wishes and feelings,  and in making recommendations as to how a case can move forward. It will therefore be a relief to many involved in proceedings concerning […]

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Woman awaits sentencing after clearing ex-partners house of all belongings

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers April 15, 2014 Law

According to press reports recently, a woman from Swindon is awaiting sentencing after being found guilty of theft for emptying out her ex-partner’s house of all belongings, including carpets. According to the report, the woman arranged for a removal company to strip the property bare after discovering that her partner had been using various internet […]

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‘Rights of Custody’ Important Child Abduction Case in Supreme Court

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers April 7, 2014 Law

An important Child Abduction case will be considered by the Supreme Court  tomorrow. The Supreme Court will consider “Rights of Custody” in the context of  grandparents who were caring for the child in question, by agreement with the  mother of the child, who then abruptly ended the arrangement and  relocated. Under the Hague Convention, which […]

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Emotional Cruelty to a Child May Become a Criminal Offence

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers April 3, 2014 Law

The Government is currently considering whether to introduce ’emotional cruelty to a child’ as a new criminal offence. Current law, which is over 80 years old, focuses on the physical effects of abuse only to a child. Physical abuse is of course much easier to identify than emotional harm which may be why nothing has […]

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Survery Says Cohabitation Before Marriage Does Not Cause Divorce

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers March 11, 2014 Family Law

According to a new scientific survey, cohabitation before marriage does not affect a couple’s prospects of getting divorced. The study was carried out by sociologist Arielle Kuperberg from the University of Carolina and involved comparing relationships using the length of time that couples had lived together before marriage, instead of the age when they moved […]

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The Dangers of DIY Surrogacy Arrangements

by Slater & Gordon Lawyers March 11, 2014 Law

Many news outlets have reported on the outcome of DIY surrogacy arrangements gone wrong, and warned of the dangers of informal surrogacy. The couple used the husband’s sperm to inseminate a family friend at home, without the assistance of a registered clinic or surrogacy agreement. They then failed to apply for a parental order within […]

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