disability discrimination

Amnesiac police officer makes claim in the Employment Tribunal after sacking

by Redmans Solicitors October 22, 2013 Employment Law

A sacked police community support officer has issued a claim for unfair dismissal and disability discrimination after she was sacked in 2010 for a second disciplinary offence. Ms Rachida Sobhi, 43, was employed by the Metropolitan Police force as a police community support officer in December 2008. Whilst undergoing the vetting process Mr Sobhi was […]

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Cancer and disability discrimination claims in the Employment Tribunal

by Redmans Solicitors May 21, 2013 Employment Law

We’ll take a look at this post at cancer and disability discrimination claims, focusing upon what rights and remedies workers and employees may have if they’ve been discriminated against because (or for a reason related to) the fact that they or another person in the workplace has cancer. This will entail an examination of: Is […]

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Financial adviser makes Employment Tribunal claim after allegations of bullying

by Direct 2 Lawyers February 27, 2013 Employment Law

The Worcester News reports that a former financial adviser at Santander has made an Employment Tribunal claim after he alleged he was bullied and harassed at work. Mr Andrew Johnson worked for Santander in Droitwich until his resignation last year. He resigned after he claims that he raised grievances relating to bullying by one of […]

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Former banker makes disability discrimination claim against Credit Suisse

by Employment Law Advice Solicitors January 11, 2013 Employment Law

A recent Bloomberg news article reported that a former trader at Credit Suisse was pursuing claims for personal injury and a claim for unfair dismissal and disability discrimination after he was sacked in 2009. Mr Asid Mohamedali, who apparently earned approximately £2.5 million a year, worked for Credit Suisse in their European credit tracing team […]

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Suffering in silence?

by Thompsons Solicitors November 15, 2012 Age Discrimination

Not many people will have noticed, but an important case was decided last week in England regarding the rights of older and disabled people to receive services, such as care homes and day centres, appropriate to their needs from public authorities. The judge found that when planning their services (including their budgets), public authorities like […]

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Proving disability in a discrimination claim

by Direct 2 Lawyers November 12, 2012 Disability Discrimination

If you’ve submitted a disability discrimination claim to the Employment Tribunal then, in order to succeed, you will need to show that you’re disabled. This may seem like a trite statement but it is one of the most important ‘hurdles’ to clear in a discrimination claim. Sometimes the Respondent will accept that you have a […]

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