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Sex Offenders Repeat Crimes in Florida

by Zelick Glimelstein February 6, 2014 Criminal Law

Florida state legislature certainly has their hands full this year as new laws pertaining to many different criminal offenses make their rounds. One of the most controversial topics is stricter sentencing for sexual predators. Three bills for harsher sentencing received unanimous votes in the senate as of Monday, January 13th. These new bills will determine the […]

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The Job Of A Criminal Defense Lawyer: Beyond What Hollywood Shows

by Five Fantastic Lawyers™ January 16, 2014 Criminal Law

For many people, the role of a criminal defense lawyer is the stuff of Hollywood. Shows like Law and Order or CSI and movies like The Devil’s Advocate love to portray defense lawyers as being unscrupulous, able to find loopholes at the last minute to free their client or having a vendetta against the prosecution. […]

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Things You Shouldn’t Say When Involved In A Traffic Stop

by gclatworthy December 9, 2012 Criminal Law

When you are involved in a routine traffic stop, the way you react to the police officer and what you say are very important. There are four things that you must keep in mind during a traffic stop; each of which could have an impact on your case if you are charged or arrested and […]

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When Does Insanity Count As A Criminal Defense? (US Law)

by jenkurtz02 June 27, 2012 Criminal Defence Lawyers

Aaron H. Thomas, a man accused of rape in the East Coast is awaiting his 20day trial beginning July 31, 2012. Ronald Fahy, his defense attorney, made it clear in a court filing that his client will use insanity as a defense against the alleged accusation. During the trial, a mental health expert will be […]

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