Conveyancing Solicitors

Do you need a conveyancing solicitor!

by duncan12 December 3, 2012 Conveyancing

People trying to handle their own conveyancing in recent times have been increasing as there are many ‘do it yourself’ tools available from various conveyancing resources. As such there is no hard fast rule that one should not do their own conveyancing but there are many shortcomings which one has to consider. What do you […]

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Freedom of Choice? Freedom of Solicitors

by HighStreetLawyer February 3, 2012 Conveyancing

As soon as Janice walks through the door she knows it’s the one. The spectacular view of the garden from the master bedroom, the sparkling marble kitchen worktops she has dreamt of, and the playroom which is perfect for the kids. All she needs to do is speak to her solicitor and he’ll sort everything […]

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