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The changing face of Personal Injury

by TheCompensationGroup June 21, 2013 Personal Injury

2013 could go down in history as the year that changed the future of personal injury for both claimants and law firms. This year, the top law firms are adapting and evolving to not only cope with new challenges but to face them head on. This desire to change will give modern-thinking law firms an […]

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Compensation claims made simple | The Compensation Group

by TheCompensationGroup May 23, 2013 Personal Injury

Personal injury is a real hot topic at the moment. Every time you turn on the TV or browse the web you can’t help but hear about compensation claims; stories of workplace accidents, negligence and personal injury claims seem to be what everyone’s talking about. To make some sense of this communication overload we’ve created […]

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No Win No Fee’ otherwise known as ‘Conditional Fee Arrangements’ (CFAs) continue despite rumours to contrary

by MTA Solicitors April 11, 2013 Personal Injury

Despite some reporting in the media around the death of ‘No Win No Fee’ arrangements for Personal Injury Claimants, this is wrong. Whilst the new Legal Aid, Sentencing & Punishment of Offenders Act (LASPO) which came into force on Monday (1 April 2013), changes the way in which personal injury claims are funded, CFAs remain […]

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Making sense of compensation claims

by TheCompensationGroup April 1, 2013 Personal Injury

Everyone seems to be talking about personal injury these days. The web is awash with news of compensation claims, it’s always on the TV and the daily papers are packed with stories about negligence, workplace accidents and personal injury claims. Everyone’s talking about it, but not everyone is telling you what you need to know. […]

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Lack of regulation causing cosmetic surgery negligence

by Natasha Swan August 30, 2012 Clinical medical negligence

Lack of regulation within the cosmetic surgery industry is a growing concern for the Clinical Negligence Department at Alsters Kelley Solicitors, as they are receiving more claims than ever from patients whose surgery has been performed negligently. Questions have been raised about regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry, following the recent issues with PIP breast […]

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Whiplash and Referral Fees: Who Really Fuels Britain’s Compensation Culture

by Watermans Solicitors January 23, 2012 Accident Claims

For those of you unaware of the recent activities of Jack Straw MP, Britain’s former Secretary of State for Justice, he has, for the last 12 months been spear-heading a noble crusade of justice to rid the UK of its “compensation culture” with particular focus on targeting personal injury claims arising from road traffic accidents. […]

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Car Accidents and abdominal injuries

by Legal Author February 14, 2011 Compensation Lawyers

Abdominal injuries are common in car accidents and are extremely dangerous as they can cause serious damage to liver, kidneys, spleen or intestinal tract. The abdominal is most likely to be injured in a car accident where the steering wheel or some other hard object hits the chest or stomach. This can cause rib pain […]

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Driving at Night

by Legal Author January 12, 2011 Claims Solicitors

There is a widely popular misconception that driving at night is less dangerous than during day and it is less likely to cause car accidents. Many drivers choose to exceed the speed limit when driving at night, as there are seemingly less cars on the road and therefore less chance for a car accident to […]

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Road Traffic Accidents in the Winter

by Legal Author December 15, 2010 Claims Solicitors

Severe winter weather causes very dangerous road conditions and greatly increases the risk of road traffic accidents. Weather conditions such as heavy rain, fog, snow, sleet and blizzards can reduce visibility and ice on the road can create a very dangerous road surface. Although most drivers will reduce their speed in these conditions and be […]

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