car crashes

Car Defects

by Legal Author October 25, 2010 Law

Sometimes a car accident will occur due to defects of the vehicle and not to any fault of the driver. Those defects can be either manufacture and design defects or defects caused by inappropriate or poor maintenance. In some cases, manufacture defects will only become apparent only when a car accident actually occurs. For example, […]

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Risks for young drivers

by Legal Author October 22, 2010 Law

Journal on Accident Analysis and Prevention names three pillars that should be considered in car accident and road safety analysis- the design of transportation networks, vehicle standards and drivers’ behaviour standards. It is the third pillar that is the most important factor to be considered in the case of car accidents- the behaviour of drivers […]

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What causes car accidents?

by Thompsons Solicitors October 20, 2010 Law

There are numerous causes and factors that can contribute to occurrence of car accidents, yet some of them are more common than others. Car accidents are often associated with careless or aggressive driving, speeding, not using a seat-belt or using a mobile phone while driving. Moreover, falling asleep, harsh weather, alcohol, drugs and drunk driving […]

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