Best Social Sites and How to Use Them

Below is a blog post regarding some of the best social media networking sites which may provide a brief overview for those legal professionals looking to get into social networking more for business purposes. For further information on social media, check out the social media posts on or on the Moore Legal Technology website and blog.

The rapid spread of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter has made social media marketing an important component in the marketing strategies of many Fortune 500 companies around the world. Many companies are now spending more percentage of their advertising budget on digital media channels than on the traditional media channels like print and television. It is becoming hard for marketing managers to keep a tab on the bewildering number of social media sites available on the web. The list of top social sites that can be useful for business is given below:


Facebook is the largest social networking service in the world with an estimated 900 million users. Businesses desiring to reach their customers could open a business page giving all the information regarding their business. Images and videos of your products can be added to your business page to make it more it more interesting. Helpful information to the customers like new products released and discounts offered should be updated regularly to keep your business page relevant for customers.


Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service with 140 million users. Twitter can be used by businesses to give information regarding their products and offerings in a concise way. Businesses can tweet information like new product info, sales and/or specials, links, motivational quotes, etc. to their followers on Twitter. Twitter can also be used by businesses to respond to the questions asked by their customers quickly.


LinkedIn is the most popular professional social networking site in the world with 150 million registered users. Businesses can participate in groups available on LinkedIn that are beneficial to their business. By joining in the groups they can participate in the groups’ discussions and offer helpful information and advice to its customers. A good feature available for businesses on LinkedIn is its searchable data base through keywords. Businesses can find their prospective customers easily through this search feature.


Google+ is a new social networking site from Google which already has 170 million registered users. Google+ makes it possible for businesses to give selected information like breaking news, updates, promotions, links, etc. to their customers depending upon their tastes and preferences. The +1 feature of Google+ lets your customers to like and recommend your products and services to their friends and contacts on the internet.


YouTube is the most popular video sharing site in the world. Businesses can create a YouTube channel to post promotional videos regarding their offerings. The commercials telecast on television can be posted on their YouTube channels making it possible to reach a wider customer base with lesser expenditure. Some companies like Nike are now releasing some of their commercial videos first on YouTube before telecasting them on television. Businesses can also post instructional videos and slide shows which help customers in using their products and services.


Ecademy is a social networking service for business owners to connect and share information with each other. Businesses can build relationships with each other using several features available on the site like starting business clubs, writing blog posts, and participating in discussions. When compared to other social networking sites, Ecademy is more involved and will take time to learn and use it properly.

It is difficult for any business owner to ignore social media these days as their target audience spend more time on social media when compared to traditional advertising channels like print and television. So, it is better for the businesses to select the right social media site which is suitable for them rather than trying to ignore it.

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