David Brooks Wilson – Property Development Expert in the UK

by GuestBlogger on March 3, 2012

David Brooks Wilson has a remarkable track record in property development. Chief among these is his stint as Managing Director and Group Property Services Director of Eurotunnel PLC. David was instrumental in getting the ‘Channel Tunnel’ project off the ground and saved the company over £40m during his time there. David joined Eurotunnel as Group Secretary in 1986, becoming Administration Director a year later. He was appointed Director and General Manager of Eurotunnel Developments Ltd in 1989 and Managing Director in 1991. He was appointed Eurotunnel’s Services Director in 1998.

Without David Brooks Wilson’s skill as a property developer it is unlikely that the “Chunnel” would ever have got ‘off the ground’ so to speak!

Some of David Brooks Wilson’s other property development achievements include the founding of Noble Wilson Ltd, a property development and real estate advisory company. Noble Wilson specialises in business development and property development. It is a truly multinational company with offices in Seattle, Seoul and Tokyo.

David Brooks Wilson’s success in property development is such that he has overseen the redevelopment of Imperial College London as Major Projects Advisor and Estates Director at Imperial College. Here he was responsible for the redevelopment of over 5,000,000 square feet with an historic valuation of over £1bn.

These are just some of David Brooks Wilson’s achievements in the field of property development, with many more to follow in 2012/2013.

David Brooks Wilson can be found on LinkedIn here

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