Thinking about Making a Claim? Advice from Personal Injury Solicitors Norfolk

by GordonDean on April 16, 2013

The personal Injury Solicitors of Norfolk are here to make sure that if you have an accident or suffer an injury that wasn’t your fault, and could have been avoided through due responsibility from a third party, that you are appropriately compensated. I’m a personal injury solicitor from Norfolk and I believe it is your right to claim in such a circumstance. Here are my tips on claiming that will minimise stress and maximise the compensation you deserve.


  1. Furnish your doctor with info on your injury. A medical report is vitally important in the hashing out of how much compensation is due to you. Therefore, you must furnish your doctor with as much info as possible. Say you had a pre-existing condition that your doctor wasn’t aware of or only discovers late into the claim. This would mar the respectability of the report and weaken your case for damages. So tell your doctor everything for a watertight medical report.
  2. Ignore myths that you should always accept the third offer. It’s a commonly held belief that the third offer an insurer makes is going to be the best one, period. Not so. Offers may extend to a forth, fifth and sixth, and the best one is entirely dependent on circumstance. Time and time again at my personal injury solicitors firm in Norfolk we say let us discern what is the best offer. In some cases the initial offer out strips anything you’re likely to find in the courts.
  3. Friends and Family. Do they really know best? Don’t fall upon a compensation amount based purely on what friends think or a family member advises. What you are realistically going to receive is set by precedents in the court, or sums highlighted in an up to date ‘Guideline for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases’ dossier. Unless they work closely in this area of the law, how can a mates estimate come anywhere near to accurate?
  4. Attend your medical appointments. Here at my personal injury solicitors firm, Norfolk, we’ll likely arrange a consultation with a medical expert with a high level of knowledge on your particular type of injury, e.g. an orthopaedic surgeon for bone damage. These are valuable people to meet with and wasting their time with a no show will not only deprive your case of clout, but it will also add a fee to be deduced from your compensation. Furthermore, a missed appointment only adds to your wait for compensation. Another appointment will have to be made before you may progress. So don’t miss out.


These are my top tips for making a claim but I have many more. If you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact one of the many fine personal injury solicitors in Norfolk or beyond. Giving your time to reading this is greatly appreciated. Remember that comment is quick, free and easy, so why not leave your thoughts below? All are welcome!

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