Fullerton Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

by Bisnar Chase on September 19, 2012

Fullerton, California, in Orange County, is the home of some of the final open spaces left in southern California where motorcycle riders can take to the open road and feel they are back in the “old days” of bike riding.  The West Coyote Hills provide trails that seem to go back in time to the Old West, providing motorcycle riders with an opportunity to ride their “iron horses” on the open terrain.  Unfortunately, these same ideal riding locations can also be the scene of terrible tragedy if a motorcycle rider is hit by a careless driver or thrown from a bike by road debris or other obstructions.  When this happens, a Fullerton motorcycle accident attorney is the person to guide the victim to a fair settlement for his or her injuries.

Earlier this year, Fullerton was the scene of a terribly tragic motorcycle fatality when a resident, David Stover, on his way to work, collided with a car that attempted to make a left turn in front of him.  This accident scenario is one of the most commonly seen in motorcycle fatalities: some statistics show that as many as two-thirds of all motorcycle collisions involve a car turning in front of or sideswiping a rider.  This would suggest that many accidents are the result of “blind spots” or areas in which motorists do not have a clear view of the motorcycle rider.

Whatever the cause of your motorcycle collision, a professional motorcycle accident lawyer in Fullerton is the right resource to help you recover damages for your injuries.  While you may think that the insurance company for the driver or the at-fault party will be “fair” to you, unfortunately this is not usually the case.  Many motorcycle crash victims have found out, too late, that the supposedly generous settlement offers they received reflected on a fraction of the total cost of their accident expenses.

You can talk to a motorcycle collision attorney in Fullerton without cost.  These lawyers offer a free consultation appointment in which you can ask any questions you like about your case and get the facts about what your case is actually worth.  Your attorney will also explain the strategy that will be used to recover your damages.  You can then decide if you want to pursue a case or if you are satisfied with the settlement you have been offered.  Whatever you decide, talk to an attorney before you sign any papers or verbally commit to any settlements.

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