Medical Negligence payouts double in Wales

by curtislegal on August 30, 2012

Kate Pierce was 9 months old when she developed Pneumococcal meningitis, but she was wrongly diagnosed by a junior doctor who said she had tonsillitis. That mistake has left her severely brain damaged. At six years old she now needs round the clock care, both at home and at school. Kate can’t communicate, she has severe sight and hearing loss, epilepsy and breathing problems.

After a lengthy legal battle, the family have finally received compensation after a judge approved the medical negligence case against Betsi Calwaladr Health Board.

Figures provided to the BBC showed cases settled by Betsi Calwaladr Health Board doubled in the last three years and totalled £22.8 million, the largest of all Welsh boards. The increase is nationwide and across Wales more than 1104 cases have been settled in the last 3 years, resulting in payouts of more than £84 million, that’s a rise of more than 18 million pounds.

The Welsh government said, No Win/ No Fee solicitors and an increase of life expectancy had made claims larger and that they have had to set aside £16m to cover possible compensation claims, a fund also known as a “risk pool” which works as insurance for health boards who will reimburse for claims exceeding £25,000.

Meanwhile the amount of compensation Kate receives is still to be decided, the family solicitor said its likely to be a 7 figure sum. Medical negligence costs the NHS greatly, but it is the victims that ultimately pay the highest price.

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Article By – Jessica Spear

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