DIY Disasters

by Andrew Miller on May 20, 2013

Starting a do-it-yourself project can be very exciting and it can feel exhilarating to put your skills to the test. Unfortunately, however, there are many common do-it-yourself disasters that are associated with these projects. Before getting involved in any do-it-yourself project, carefully evaluate the full extent of the project, the materials needed, and any necessary safety training. Make sure to educate yourself before starting any project, and keep necessary emergency contact numbers available.

Falls from Ladders

The home is the leading location for accidents, resulting in numerous emergency-room visits to hospitals across the country. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 150,000 ladder fall accidents cross through America’s emergency rooms on an annual basis. Anytime the ladder is being used, proper safety procedures should be in place. When possible, someone should be holding the bottom of the ladder securely while the other person is using the ladder.

Electrical Wiring Problems

Electrical wiring projects are some of the most dangerous to complete by yourself. In addition to facing an increased risk for electrocution, untrained individuals working on electrical wiring can also damage the foundation wiring itself. Wires and pipes detectors should always be used to check for electrical cables before any screws or nails are fixed into a wall. To find this, you can use our outlets or switches as a guide to wiring location. Make sure that all of your tools are insulated on the handle and that you’re using a circuit breaker on the power tools.

Water Pipe Damage

Before beginning any do-it-yourself project in your own home, consult a plan to determine the exact location of your water pipes. This is a critical step, regardless of where in the home you are working on your projects. Even smaller projects can burst open a water pipe, resulting in a costly emergency visit from a plumber. In addition to the expenses from a plumber, watermarks from the resulting damage could be costly and difficult to cover. There’s a relatively simple fix for this problem- purchase a wire and pipe detector. Although this is not completely reliable, when used in combination with your own search for water pipes, it can drastically reduce the chances of a water emergency during your project.

Falling Fixtures or Tools

Fixtures falling from the ceiling or other high levels can cause serious injuries. In order to reduce the chances of this problem, always use the recommended number of screws or nails to adhere a fixture to a high location. In addition to personal injuries, falling fixtures can also cause damage to surrounding areas. In addition to verifying the accurate number of screws or nails, it’s necessary to always use proper tools and a set of instructions when completing any overhead construction projects.

Construction accidents are more common than you think, and although it can be exciting to complete a do-it-yourself project, you face an increased risk of hurting yourself or others in addition to causing the damage around the house. Keep yourself and other state by following directions, educating yourself about safety procedures, and remaining aware.

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