MIB Pays Our Millions in Road Traffic Accident

A multi-million pound road traffic accident case package has been approved for by a judge and then paid by the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) after a biker was seriously injured in the incident. The MIB is an organisation tasked with the payment of compensation claims for road accidents where uninsured drivers were involved the crash. The road traffic accident hearing happened at London’s High Court and the terrible incident involved two motorcyclists, one of whom sustained serious brain damage in incident. Shazzard Kahn, who is from East London in the UK, sustained severe brain injuries following the road traffic accident which happened in April 2007. In addition to the brain injury, the claimant’s right thigh was shattered in the collision. The second motorcyclist, a Brazilian gentleman, was sadly killed in the road traffic accident.
an image showing the scales of justice representing cases such as this road traffic accident claimDue to the severity of the injuries suffered by Mr Khan, he was excluded from the hearing while the legal professionals battled out his case and concentrated on finalising the compensation claim settlement. The incident took place on the B1057, which is near Finchingfield, when the claimant was riding his Kawasaki motorbike at some 80 mph and collided head-on with the other biker. The Brazilian man was the offending driver who caused the accident and did not have any insurance. As both motorbikes were travelling at some 80 mph, the no win no fee road traffic accident solicitor working on behalf of Mr Khan told the courts how the speeds of the motorbikes totalling collision velocity of over 160 mph dramatically increased the chance of personal injury.

The road traffic accident claim writ told how Mr Khan had sustained a significant change to his personality and an “organic personality disorder” had manifested. While the claimant has shown rapid improvements, he has not yet fully recovered from the personal injuries. Due to the extent of the injuries sustained, Mr Khan has been classed as a “protected party” for the course of the road traffic accident case, but the doctors are hopeful that a full recovery will be see and that their patient will regain full capacity to fend for himself in the future. The compensation claim was approved by Justice Eady at London’s High Court who gave permission for the multi-million pound compensation payout. The final value of road traffic accident claim settlement was not revealed but Mr Justice Eady stated that he trusted that “it will bring [the claimant] a degree of peace of mind.”

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