Car Accidents: Inspirational Survival Stories

car accident survivalDistracted driving, drunken driving and plain reckless driving take thousands of lives every year. There are also those situations where no one is to blame for having been in an accident and those can be some of the most difficult of all to understand, given that they are just random events. Some car accident stories end up becoming inspirational because of how the people involved managed to survive them and go on with their lives.


Distracted Driver

In 2008, Amanda Khoehr hit the back of a tractor trailer, almost costing herself her life in the process. In her story, she says that she doesn’t even remember hitting the vehicle in front of her. She was using her cellular phone and her GPS at the time and not paying attention to the road. To make matters worse, she had her accident on her mother’s birthday.


Amanda did survive, though she has a very visible scar, but she’s not ashamed of it at all. She now talks to young people about the dangers of distracted driving and shares her experiences. Her injuries were severe, involving a fractured jaw, a fractured cheek and a crushed eye socket. Nonetheless, she survived and now tries to inform other people of the dangers of driving without paying proper attention to the road.


Deadly Crash

A crash that, unfortunately, ended up killing six teenagers in Warren, Ohio did spare the lives of two. When a teenage driver sped up going around a corner, he lost control of the vehicle, sending it into a pond. One of the teenagers managed to break out the window with his elbow and, though momentarily held up because of his legs getting caught, swam to safety and tried to get help. One other teenager managed to escape the wreck, as well. The others all died as a result of the crash.


To break out the window, reporting reveals that he had to strike it with his elbow approximately 7 times and then escape the submerged car. He went to get help immediately, running up to the street, but two drivers who passed by didn’t stop to offer assistance.


If You’re in a Wreck

Sadly, many people will die this year in car crashes, many of which never had to happen. Whether it’s because a driver wasn’t paying attention or because of a road condition that came as a surprise, drivers oftentimes lose control of their vehicles and end up causing or suffering serious wrecks.


An attorney can help if someone’s negligence caused you to be injured in a car accident. If you lost a loved one, you may want to consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit over the matter.

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