5 Things to Do To Improve Automotive Safety before Getting in the Car

It’s no secret that we are all aware of the steps we can take while driving to improve our safety. Slowing down, taking more consideration and giving people more space can all reduce the amount of accidents on our roads.

But what if, before we get in the car, we do more to make sure we’re fit for driving and that we’re going to be giving it our undivided attention? Here are 5 things you can do to improve your driving before even getting in the car.

Get More Sleep

It stands to reason that if you’re tired you’re not going to be on the top of your game. Getting more sleep and improving your rest before you get in the car is likely to dramatically increase your chances of being able to avoid trouble on the roads – and will increase your reflexes and reaction times.

Keep Your Vehicle Safe and Well Maintained

Before you are on the road, you need to make sure that your car is fit for purpose. Sometimes, the yearly MOT just isn’t enough – take matters into your own hands and check tyre pressures, tread wear, the brake pads and other crucial items regularly before you set off.

Leave the Phone at Home – Don’t Multitask

No matter where you’re driving or the roads you’re driving on, you will always need to focus your entire concentration on the task in hand. As the US government launches a campaign to raise awareness of the amount of accidents distracted driving causes, consider leaving iPod’s or phones at home before you get in the car.

Stay Relaxed and Calm Behind the Wheel

If you are not in a fit state of mind to get behind the wheel, don’t. The last thing other road users need is a tailgating, illegal overtaking and an aggressive driver causing problems and difficulties around them. It’s a big cause of accidents and leads to many injuries worldwide. Leave your problems outside the car.

Wear Correct Footwear and Clothing

If you are not equipped to drive in comfortable shoes and clothing, it could act as a distraction and increase the likelihood of accidents occurring. Before you get in the car, put on flat, comfortable shoes and don’t wear, for example, sunglasses if it’s overcast…it’ll decrease your visibility.

One of the most important things to remember is to avoid things that might be distracting and to maintain concentration when you’re in the car. There are lots of simple little things we can all do to improve automotive safety, and the above tips go some way to help.

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