5 Reasons you Should Consider Practising Personal Injury Law

by Legal Author on October 12, 2012

The following is a guest blog post outlining 5 reasons for considering practising personal injury law.

As a general rule, only top students are accepted into law school and after years of hard work they are ready to go into practice, so their chosen specialism is a decision that will shape their career and future prosperity. Here are 5 good reasons why personal injury law should be of interest to aspiring lawyers.

Graduate Opportunities

One of the main reasons to consider this area of practice is that there are plenty of opportunities to develop a career with a range of specialized subjects coming under the heading of personal injury law. Many law firms tend to specialize in particular areas such as employer’s liability so you can quickly forge a career working for a firm dealing with cases of specific relevance to your expertise, which will subsequently enable you to get a reputation and regular work more quickly than by just being a general lawyer covering many aspects of law.

Recession Proof

No business or industry is recession proof and a personal injury law practice is not totally immune either, but the facts are that there is rarely a shortage of claimants wanting to pursue a claim and the incidence of accidents is by design, unaffected by the economic climate. If anything, a difficult financial climate tends to encourage a greater level of claims and insurance companies need protection from vexatious litigants, so working for both sides of the argument will always mean that the in tray is full. The other benefit to consider is that you should be able to enjoy a reasonable sense of job security irrespective of the financial climate. Job growth in the legal industry is expected to be in the region of 13% over the next 5 years, which is a faster rate than almost any other industry or profession, and as we eventually come out of the recession cycle, this is expected to show an increase on this already impressive recession proof growth rate.

Variety in your work

Whilst there is bound to be some repetition in any job, the individual nature of each claim that you handle will offer a great variety and lead to a good level of job satisfaction. The challenges facing an injury lawyer are constantly changing and you will always need to adapt to these changes, which is no bad thing when you consider how long your career could last.


An overwhelming argument in favour of becoming a personal injury lawyer is the potential financial rewards that you could enjoy. Whilst money should not be the sole motivation for your career choice, the knowledge that your starting salary is likely to be around $50,000 means that you will be entering a profession that rewards handsomely and there are very few comparable jobs that place such a high value on their graduates and beyond.

Job Fulfilment

The bigger picture is that personal injury lawyers have the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of their clients and potentially the lives of many people, as a single case can set a precedence for future cases. If you choose to be a personal injury lawyer you are not only well rewarded financially but you are also more than likely to be presented with the opportunity to achieve real fulfilment in your career.

Guest post contributed by Max Cooper on behalf of the Injury-Settlement-Guide.com – parental liability laws specialist.  Max is a freelance writer who has worked extensively as an attorney in the insurance industry. His articles appear on legal blogs.

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