5 Jobs In The Medical Field That Might Be For You

by Ladyblogger on March 6, 2013

The medical field is always hiring, and this makes it a great choice for anyone who is looking for a job that has stability. However, it is not necessary to become a doctor in order to enter this field. In fact, the majority of the non-doctor positions are actually much less stressful, and you will not have to worry about facing issues such as a medical malpractice lawsuit, which medical malpractice lawyers in Albany New York will tell you actually happens a lot. Instead, you can obtain steady employment while helping others by getting into one of the following jobs.

Five Jobs in the Medical Field

1) Registered Nurse – To become a registered nurse (RN), you must complete a nursing course and pass a national licensing exam. However, this will still let you enter the medical field much more quickly than a doctor, and you will be starting a career in an area of the field that is always hiring. As an RN, you will provide patient care and assist doctors by keeping medical files up to date.

2) Dietitian – If you like the idea of helping people learn how to prevent diseases and improve their overall health by changing their diet, then a career as a dietitian might be the perfect choice. Medical research is continuously making the link between the food that we eat and the illnesses that we develop, and this has caused dietitians to become increasingly popular.

3) Medical Assistant – Although a medical assistant job will never come close to the salary of a doctor, it will provide you with steady work without all of the headaches that are associated with becoming a physician. As a medical assistant, you will help nurses and doctors by taking care of each patient’s basic needs. This can include weighing them and taking their temperature, and you might also perform minor medical treatments for some patients.

4) Ultrasound Technician – Ultrasounds are needed for a wide range of reasons, and there is always a demand for skilled technicians to take the necessary images. Becoming an ultrasound technician requires the completion of an ultrasound technology program and a two-year degree. By becoming an ultrasound technician, you will use the applicable technology to take images of everything from a fetus to tumors.

5) Medical Transcriptionist – Doctors typically do not have enough time to write their notes down, so they use a voice recorder instead. However, the information that they record must be transferred to a paper file. Because of this, it is necessary for hospitals and most private practices to have a medical transcriptionist on staff. This individual will listen to each of the doctor’s voice recordings and transfer them into typed documents. This job position only requires a high school diploma and the completion of medical terminology coursework.

In addition to the medical field career options that are listed above, there are also always openings for x-ray technicians, phlebotomists, respiratory therapists, certified nursing assistants and a long list of other job titles. Therefore, the medical field is definitely a viable option if you have the desire to help other people. As previously mentioned, doctors run the risk of receiving a medical malpractice suit, and this can negate the rewards of their larger salary. By choosing a different path, you can make a good wage without taking on the risks or the student loan debt that is associated with becoming a doctor.

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