3 Situations Where You’d Want to Hire a Private Investigator

by Legal Author on May 26, 2019

hire-private-investigatorThere are times in your life that you will be unable to handle private or business affairs without help. From child custody fights to ineffective debt collection, you may need an expert after you hit a brick wall and unsure of what your next step should be. Private investigators have years of experience and knowledge and can find concealed information, reveal hidden asset whereabouts or engage in surveillance that helps clients with sensitive research, exploration and fact-finding missions. Here are three situations where you’d want to hire a private investigator.   

1. Asset Search Investigation

A private investigator who engages in asset recovery understands how to navigate digitally during public record searches. It allows them to help you find personal property, corporate accounts or real estate. As asset search will help you if you are involved with a personal injury verdict, motor vehicle liability, debt, divorce or child support. An experienced private investigator will locate the assets that will settle negligent judgment.

A Houston Texas asset search private investigator suggests you use asset searches to find liabilities if you own a company and intend to take on partners or enter deals. If you are involved in a pending or settled court case, you will need to find current information that allows you to learn about mortgages, bankruptcies, real estate ventures or corporate filing that will enable you to take out liens on assets or wage garnishment.

2. Employment Background Checks

Did you know that employee thefts cost employers more than $50 billion annually from fund schemes and check fraud? It is often upper management that finds irregularities, but they often are unable to identify who performed the transaction or how it took place. As most of these losses involved long-term, smaller increment losses, an investigator is an ideal person to find employee negligence through digital records. A private investigator may find inconsistent payments or fabricated business assets by following the money trail. It allows companies to rely on a third-person as it is a sensitive matter for employers. You will also appreciate having someone not affiliated with the company to investigate.

3. Surveillance

When dealing with volatile situations such as family separation or dangerous areas, it is best to hire a private investigator to assist you with surveillance. Not only will private investigators move about undetected, but they also use disguises that are unrecognizable to avoid detection. They also know exactly where to search which will save you a lot of time and money short-term. Attorneys often employ investigators who will provide these services.

It will help you if there is a private investigator on board when hiring your attorney. If an investigator finds any proof, you will be in the position to show it was lawfully gained. Trying to get protected evidence on your own will cause you to suffer from a financial judgment or legal ruling. If dealing with technology, it can be a significant risk because of digital rules and regulations that protect data from data scraping or online user policies.

Private investigators are licensed, certified, insured and bonded. They are also very smart, quick thinking and perform well under pressure, which are assets in high-risk investigations.

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