The Intention and Corruption at the Heart of Medical Negligence

by James Ware on April 2, 2013

Medical wrongdoing has turned out some of the most outrageous cases of wrongful injuries in the history of law over the past few years. A hot button for both the injured as well as the justice-givers, unbelievable cases of medical negligence and malpractice have been exposed by the media to arouse public awareness, and hence, consciousness. Breeding on the misfortune of millions, insurance swindle cases have been plotted and executed in multiple counts by opportunists to benefit from the situation. Thus, it goes without saying that the phenomenon that has affected the lives of many hapless victims by prolonging their recovery period and sometimes inflicting incurable wounds has severe chain reactions.

Population of Wronged Patients Multiplying Irrationally

In the midst of all speculations and investigations, the number of people getting medically neglected in clinics and hospitals is on a steady rise. Unheard cases of medical negligence have been recurrently coming up in news broadcasts because of multiple reasons. Healthcare has sadly turned into a business of moneymaking with the organisations constantly dropping their standard of care everyday for the sake of profiteering. Apart, doctors and hospitals are in a coalition to extract as much cash as possible from the patients by recommending them unnecessary surgeries and tests.

Such operations performed might be profitable to the doctors, but are detrimental to the health of the patients they are carried out on. Thus, money is extracted while health and safety of the patients remain unwarranted in the hands of experts. Surveys and investigation campaigns revealed that over 10,000 unnecessary deaths have been registered, possibly resulting from two million unrequited surgeries. Information on the same can be retrieved from sites like However, the cases of genuine mistakes are normally carried out by inefficient, inexperienced or unfocused staff.

Instances of Medical Negligence

There are some healthcare mishaps that are probable and expected, while others are either intentionally or mistakenly caused. There is a fine line between the two that makes all the difference in the legal grounds. Any kind of failure or mistake in medicating brings a case under the scrutiny of medical negligence. A gynaecologist who has handled a case where the child suffers from cerebral palsy is a case of medical negligence. Similarly, an anaesthetist who has administered a lower-than-necessary dosage for a patient undergoing a surgery is a legal offender. Failure of medical equipments causing a patient to suffer avoidable injuries is a case of medical negligence.

The cases of negligence are not always on the doctors, surgeons and dentists. An inefficient radiologist who failed to diagnose a certain orthopedic injury is as much responsible and liable to compensate for the negligence. Even nurses failing to take proper care of infants in nurseries are accusable of a legal offense.

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