Keep the mother and child safe from the scope of pregnancy related injuries

by James Ware on April 29, 2013

Keeping both mother and child safe is one of the major preoccupations of professionals dealing with sensitive situations like delivery. If due negligence, inaction or incompetence from the professionals any type of injury occurs to the mother or child, then with the help of medical negligence law, you can file compensation suit against the offenders. 


There aren’t many things that give the same kind of joy when you welcome a new, tiny member to your household. However, in order to celebrate the grand moment it is important that both mother and child remain safe. Unfortunately, not every family receives the opportunity to enjoy the bliss. During delivery, in certain cases, complicated situations arise that need to be handled carefully by the professionals. While in most cases doctors and midwives are extremely careful in making everything perfect, in a few rare cases things take quite a different shape. Due to negligence or incompetence of professionals responsible, either the mother or the child or both experience certain types of pregnancy related injuries that not only take time to heal completely but also sometimes leave a permanent mark on the victim. With the help of medical negligence law of the UK, the victim can file a compensation suit against such acts of negligence and win 100% of the estimated compensation amount on no win no fee basis.

Do ante-natal or post-natal injuries come under purview of Pregnancy related injuries?

Many people have this idea that ante-natal or post-natal injuries are classified as pregnancy related complications. However, the English legal system takes issues related to these conditions under its legal scope and provides the opportunity to parents in terms of seeking compensation against wrong doing party. The final stage of pregnancy is crucial and hospital attendants need to take care of the mother in this condition to the utmost extent. Once the delivery is done, it is important for experts keep the child under special supervision and take all the necessary measures that will keep him safe from any type of injuries. However, some of the most common acts of committed in this stage amount to ante-natal or post-natal injuries, such as:

  • Failure to diagnose gestational diabetes
  • Failure in identifying limited foetal movement
  • Wrongly diagnosed miscarriages or stillbirth
  • Failure in pregnancy termination, leading to unwanted pregnancy
  • Failure to identify pre-eclampsia
  • Performing caesar without the patient’s consent
  • Failure to figure out any other condition that appears during the delivery

If a person is sure that the pregnancy related injury has resulted due to any of the aforesaid reasons, then he/she can claim for compensation against the concerned physician or any other healthcare professional.

What are the common grounds for filing a compensation suit against Pregnancy Related Problems?

Apart from ante-natal or post-natal injuries, there are other types of pregnancy related injuries that can occur due to the following types of negligence or inaction from the healthcare professionals:

  • Rupture of the placenta or uterine during surgery
  • Inability to take correct measure against rapidly advancing pre-eclampsia
  • Failure to tackle the possibilities of Cerebral and Erb’s Palsy
  • Negligence amounting to brain injury or damage of the newborn
  • Negligence in delivery, amounting to fracture of the infant’s arm, should or collarbone
  • Facial scarring of the newborn from the surgical instruments

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